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Role of IT in Education

If we observe carefully what exactly is the core of the problem in the education world. Within this range of problems can only be used as the principal inhibitor of education in Indonesia. Ineffectiveness is the word that fits for this system, because along with the development time of the exchange of information become increasingly rapid and instant, but the institute still using this traditional system of teaching (at the high school level we consider providing the information) with a very slow and not seiiring with IT developments . This conventional system should have been abandoned since the advent of multimedia communications media. Because the nature of the internet which can be contacted at any time, meaning that students can take advantage of educational programs that are hosted on Internet network at any time in accordance with their spare time so that space and time constraints they face to find the source of learning can be resolved. With rapid developments in the field of telecommunications technology, multimedia and information, conventional techniques such as listening to lectures, notes on paper is certainly out of date even in an interest in the way is still used.

1. Use of IT in Education
Meaning of IT in education should mean the availability of channels or means which can be used to broadcast educational programs. But this use of IT in Indonesia just entered the stage of studying the possibilities of developing and applying IT to education to enter this third millennium. The information is represented by a computer that is connected by the Internet as the main media will be able to contribute so much to the educational process. This interactive technology provides a catalyst for fundamental changes to the role of teachers, from information to transformation. Each school system must remain moderate to technology which enables them to learn faster, better, and smarter. And information technology is the key to the model school for a better future. In fact, today the development of technologies that make use of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) to facilitate long-distance conference (teleconference) as one application of distance learning.
Many aspects can be proposed to be used as a reason to support the development and application of IT for education in relation to improving the quality of Indonesia's national education. One aspect is the geographic condition of Indonesia with benyaknya many scattered islands and the ground surface contours that are often not friendly, usually diajukn to sponsor the development and application of IT to pendidikan.IT very capable and dijagokan to become the main facilitator for the educational level of the earth archipelago, which relies on IT for distance learning capabilities jauhnnya not separated by distance, space and time.
2. Utilization of IT for Education Institute
The rapid development of IT especially the Internet, enabling the development of better information services in an educational institution. College environment, the use of IT lainnnya is embodied in an electronic system called the university (e-University). Development of e-University aims to support education, so that universities can provide better information services to the community, both within and outside the university through the internet. Other educational services that can be implemented by means of the Internet is by conducting online lectures and lecture materials can be accessed by anyone who needs it.
SMU implications for IT education level also have been started although not capable tested with its implications at the level of further education. In high school, the average Internet usage is just as additional facilities and more IT has not become the main curriculum taught to students. IT has not become a medium of the main database for the values, curriculum, students, teachers or others. But the prospects for the future use of IT in high school is bright enough. In addition to serving educational institutions in particular, those that are for general education in Indonesia. There are also Internet sites that provide services activities in the Indonesian education system. This site is intended to summarize the information that relate to educational developments that occurred and to provide general resource and communication network (forum) for school administrators, educators and other enthusiasts. The main purpose of this site is as a place to interact that can accommodate the main sectors of education. In addition to environmental education, for example in our research activities can take advantage of the intenet to find materials or data required for these activities through a search engine on the internet. The site is very useful when we need articles, journals or reference is needed. These sites such as or or The initiative - the use of IT and Internet initiatives outside formal educational institutions but are still related to environmental education in Indonesia have started to appear. One of the initiatives now there are organizers site

3. IT As a Multimedia Instructional Media
Cooperation between experts and also with students who are physically located far apart can be done more easily. Previously, a person must travel or walk long travel time and space to see a specialist to discuss a problem. Currently this can be done from home using email. Papers and research can be done with data exchange via the Internet, via email or by using the mechanism sharring files and mailing lists. Geographic boundaries are not a problem anymore. Sharing information is also needed in the field of research, that research does not repeat (reinvel the wheel). The results of research in universities and research institutes can be used together so as to speed the process of developing science and technology.
Virtual University is a new application for the Internet. Virtual University has the characteristics of scalable, ie able to provide education that is accessed by many people. If education is only done in a regular classroom, how many people participated in the class? The number of participants may only be filled with 40-50 people. Virtual university can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere. Virtual service providers are university. Perhaps now is a virtual university services are not effective because the technology is very minimal. However, expected in the future of this virtual university can use more reliable technology such as video streaming in the future would be presented by a local ISP, so as to create an effective learning system that dream by every IT expert in education. Virtual school is also expected to be present at a period of one decade into the future. For Indonesia, the benefits mentioned above has become a compelling reason to make the internet as the infrastructure of education. To summarize the benefits of the Internet for the education sector in Indonesia:
a. Access to the library
b. Access to experts
c. Conducting an online college
d. Providing an information service of academic institutions
e. Provides discussion facilities
f. Providing data search engine facility
g. Provide facilities and school alumni directory
h. Provides the facility
i. Etc.

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